Lots 343-355
Eastern Europe

Yugoslav Area

Lot 343

BOSNIA - Belgium. 1893, 5Kr Eagle stationery envelope, uprated with 20Kr Litho at the back to pay foreign registered single letter fee of 25Kr. Cancelled by Sarajevo c.d.s. Back shows transit and arrival c.d.s. Very rare combination of Stationery card with 20Kr Litho stamps. Only few reported. (Photo). Est. 700 - 900 CHF.
BOSNIA - Belgium. 1893, 5Kr Eagle statio...
Start Price: 700.00 CHF

Lot 344

BOSNIA - Germany. 1906 registered 10h Eagle stationery envelope, uprated front and back with Eagle Heller issue 1h+2h (front) and 1h+3h(pair)+5h*6h(x2) at the back all tied by K.undK.MILIT.POST*SARAJEVO-LAGER c.d.s. Stettin arrival on reverse. Nice and attractive multi franking cover. (Photo). Est. 600 - 700 CHF.
BOSNIA - Germany. 1906 registered 10h Ea...
Start Price: 600.00 CHF

Lot 345

BOSNIA - Germany. 1906 registered cover from Sarajevo to Karlsrhue, franked on reverse with Eagle mixed Heller issues with black numerals 2h+3h+40h paying correct fee for registered letter abroad (20h+25h). Scarce commercial usage of Eagle black numerals issue. (Photo). Est. 150 - 250 CHF.
BOSNIA - Germany. 1906 registered cover ...
Start Price: 150.00 CHF

Lot 346

AUSTRIA - Bosnia cancellation. 1916 picture postcard of Neum sent by soldier, free of postage - censored, showing light blue very rare cancellation of NEUM, alongside straight line censor mark and military unit cachet. Rarely offered. Fine condition. (Photo). Est. 150 - 250 CHF.
AUSTRIA - Bosnia cancellation. 1916 pict...
Start Price: 150.00 CHF

Lot 347

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA. 1890-1916, very attractive group of 12 stationery cards, all to foreign destinations: Albania, Austria, Netherlands, Transvaal. Variety of cancellations (TPO Sarajevo-B.Brod) and additional frankings. Quality good to fine. Good lot for specialst. Viewing recommended. (Photo). Est. 150 - 250 CHF.
BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA. 1890-1916, very ...
Start Price: 150.00 CHF

Lot 348

MONTENEGRO - Bordeaux issue. 1916 envelope from Montenegro Consulate at Venice posted to Cetinje via France, due to service haaving been suspended Montenegro Exile government at Bordeaux applied two RETURN TO SENDER labels, one tied by Venezia c.d.s. applied on arrival to the sender. Very rare usage of these labels. (Photo). Est. 1 000 - 1 500 CHF.
MONTENEGRO - Bordeaux issue. 1916 envelo...
Start Price: 1'000.00 CHF

Lot 349

SERBIA - Austria. 1871 registered cover, franked with 25o and 50p Prince Milan issue, prepaying the single letter rate plus Registry fee to Austria, and all tied by BELGRAD c.d.s. Front shows boxed "PD" marking and framed RECOMM handstamp, while reverse bears GRATZ arrival c.d.s. A rare franking on a most attractive Registered letter, Ex Burrus and Brodtbeck. Scott 21, 24. (Photo). Est. 500 - 750 CHF.
SERBIA - Austria. 1871 registered cover,...
Start Price: 500.00 CHF

Lot 350

SERBIA - Germany. 1876, uprated 10pa stationery card, with Prince Milan 10 para (IV printing) tied by Belgrade "2 Nov. 1876" c.d.s. sent to Germany. Despite some minor faults (slightly damaged at the back) very nice stationery. (Photo). Est. 100 - 200 CHF.
SERBIA - Germany. 1876, uprated 10pa sta...
Start Price: 100.00 CHF

Lot 351

SERBIA. 1887-99, very nice group of 13 stationery cards showing variety of issues to foreign destinations, 4 cards uprated, various cancellations (noted T.P.O. Pirot-Belgrade, early D.Milanovac). Various quality. Good lot for specialist. (Photo). Est. 150 - 250 CHF.
SERBIA. 1887-99, very nice group of 13 s...
Start Price: 150.00 CHF

Lot 352

YUGOSLAVIA. 1945, Sarajevo provisional issue complete, o.g., never hinged. Extremely Fine. With Caffaz photo certificate. Michel I-XIII. (Photo). Est. 200 - 300 CHF. (Michel: I-XIII)
YUGOSLAVIA. 1945, Sarajevo provisional i...
Start Price: 200.00 CHF

Lot 353

YUGOSLAVIA - Split Provisional issue. 1945 registered cover posted locally at Shibenik, franked with 10d/1k, 20d/4k,30d/10k(vertical pair) all tied by double circle SHIBENIK c.d.s., alongside provisional boxed Shibenik registration handstamp. Arrival on reverse. Very neat and scarce cover. Signed V.Ercegovic.(VE). (Photo). Est. 300 - 400 CHF.
YUGOSLAVIA - Split Provisional issue. 19...
Start Price: 300.00 CHF

Lot 354

SLOVENIA - Russia P.O.W. correspondence. 1917-18, interesting lot of 31 cards-covers from-to Russia P.O.W. camps, from Slovenia's soldiers showing good variety of camp postmarks, censor marks, camp stationery, Red Cross cards, postage due markings. Very interesting and unusual assembly. Viewing recommended. (Photo). Est. 200 - 300 CHF.
SLOVENIA - Russia P.O.W. correspondence....
Start Price: 200.00 CHF

Lot 355

YUGOSLAVIA - Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia. 1880-1910, nice accumulation of mint and used stationery cards, envelopes, parcel cards etc., with good range of types, printing varieties and cancellations. Some uprated stationery cards noted. Over 100 items. Interesting lot viewing recommended. (Photo). Est. 200 - 300 CHF.
YUGOSLAVIA - Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia....
Start Price: 200.00 CHF