Lots 246-251
British Commonwealth

British Commonwealth Collections

Lot 246

BRITISH COMMONWEALTH. 1892-1953, balance accumulation of postal stationery cards, envelopes, wrappers, mostly used, from Barbados (1), Bermuda (6), Gibraltar (4), Gold Coast (2), Jamaica (17), Malta (3), Mauritius (16), Morocco (13). Good array of cancellations and usages showing variety of frankings for ordinary and registered mail. Viewing highly recommended. F.-V.F. (Photo). Est. 500 - 750 CHF.
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH. 1892-1953, balance...
Start Price: 500.00 CHF

Lot 247

BRITISH COMMONWEALTH. 1932-36, KGV very nice selection of 7 mainly n.h. commemorative sets, from Antigua, Bermuda, Ceylon, New Zealand, Nigeria, Sierra Leone & Tonga 1897 issue. An attractive assembly. SG L1 200 (1 700 CHF). (Photo). Est. 500 - 600 CHF.
Start Price: 500.00 CHF

Lot 248

BRITISH COMMONWEALTH. 1938-52, KGVI, very nice selection of 24 n.h. commemorative sets, from Cyprus, Malta, Barbados, British Honduras, Cayman Islands. Dominica, Grenada, Gilbert & Elice Islands, Cook Islands, Montserrat, Pitcairn Islands, Sierra Leone, Fiji, Sarawak, Nyasaland, Mauritius, Newfoundland, Turks & Caicos Islands. An attractive assembly. O.g., never hinged. SG L1 800+ (2 550 CHF). (Photo). Est. 800 - 1 000 CHF.
Start Price: 800.00 CHF

Lot 249

BRITISH WEST INDIES. 1893-1903, QV and KEVII, very good accumulation of stationery cards, newspaper wrappers, reply cards, mint and used from: Barbados, Bahams, Jamaica, Leeward Islands, Turks Islands, Virgin Islands, St. Kitts Newis, St. Lucia, Trinidad etc. Variety of cancellations and uprated stationery to foreign destinations. Well over 100 items. Good lot for specialist. (Photo). Est. 1 200 - 1 400 CHF.
BRITISH WEST INDIES. 1893-1903, QV and K...
Start Price: 1'200.00 CHF

Lot 250

BRITISH COMMONWEALTH. 1865-1950 ca. Collection of Br. Asia & Oceania, in 2 volumes (approximately 250+ pages) containing many better stamps & sets, mint & used of Australasia, India, Cyprus, Hong Kong & many more, condition, some with small faults, generally Good -VF. Attractive & useful balance to fill many spaces. Spot cataloging. SG. SG L6 000+ (8 510 CHF). Est. 750 - 900 CHF.
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH. 1865-1950 ca. Coll...
Start Price: 750.00 CHF

Lot 251

BRITISH COMMONWEALTH. 1953-70, QEII, very good selection of 258 better early sets, all in superb n.h. condition with great thematic interest from: Hong Kong British Guiana, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Bermuda, Hong Kong, Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Fiji, Barbados, Malaya, Rhodesia, Sarawak, Swaziland, Virgin Islands, Gambia, Aden, New Zealand, Singapore, North Borneo. Good lot with great thematic interest. O.g., never hinged. SG L17 700+ (25 120 CHF). (Photo). Est. 7 500 - 8 000 CHF.
Start Price: 7'500.00 CHF