Lots 16-18
Western Europe and Colonies


Lot 16

FRANCE - Thailand. 1927 cover from Nice, with France 25c(2), 50c(2), tied by machine cancel, addressed to Colonel Bailey at "The Residency, Gangtok, Sikkim" in "Les Indes Orientales", but before reaching this location the cover was missent to Siam, Gangtok being misread at Bangkok. In Bangkok it received a superb strike of the most uncommon boxed "MISSENT TO BANGKOK" in black, with Bangkok datestamp of February 12th in the same ink. The cover was then forwarded through and backstamped at Singapore (18th February), Calcutta (20th March), Tista Bridge (the Darjeeling side of the Sikkim Border, on 22nd March), to Gangtok where it was neatly re-addressed to Yatung, Tibet, where it received an arrival mark of March 23rd. At some time the address panel was erroneously embellished "Phillipine IS" (sic) in blue crayon (possibly in Singapore which would explain the lengthy gap of just over one month between the Singapore and Calcutta backstamp), which resulted in another detour and collecting another uncommon instructional mark, a boxed "NOT FOR PHILIPPINES" in carmine-red. A fascinating doubly mis-routed cover with most uncommon markings in combination and an item of striking appearance. (Photo). Est. 750 - 1 000 CHF.
FRANCE - Thailand. 1927 cover from Nice,...
Start Price: 750.00 CHF

Lot 17

FRANCE. 1849-1900, high-quality collection of cancellations on classic issues, mounted on 69 collector pages, carefully and amply annotated in English and Japanese. Ranges through the hole period: Ceres, Napoleon, Bordeaux, Sage, with shades of each value and numerous different cancels, with all the basic cancel types plus many premium cancels, including Offices Abroad. Selected for the quality of the cancels, and the great majority of the stamps are well-margined also. Attractive, generally V.F. a marvelous lot for the classic French Specialist. Stamps/pages marked (X) not counted. Basic stamps Yvert catalog without premiums for the cancels Euros9,000+. (Photo). Est. 500 - 750 CHF.
FRANCE. 1849-1900, high-quality collecti...
Start Price: 500.00 CHF

Lot 18

FRENCH INDIA - France. 1870 cover, franked with French Colonies 80c Eagle issue, prepaying the single weight letter rate to France. Stamp tied by dotted lozenge cancel, with INDE / PONDICHERY c.d.s. alongside. Front shows additional VIA SUEZ ET MARSEILLE commercial cachet, red framed "PD" handstamp, plus red COL.FR.V.S / AMB.MARS French entry c.d.s., and reverse bears NANTES arrival c.d.s. A Very Fine and scarce first issue cover from this French Office. Yvert 6. Est. 300 - 400 CHF.
FRENCH INDIA - France. 1870 cover, frank...
Start Price: 300.00 CHF